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Video animations for different genre songs.

Video Animations

Project:Fated - Oblivio Pt.1

A song about oblivion, when one forgets his environment, relations and connections, relatives... even himself. But still finds the beauty in the moment.

Published:  December 16 . 2022

Virgin Idol - Satan's Fall

A track from the firts LP/CD-issue of the band. Dark mood, with an excellent sound of Mercyful Fate's style mixed with ear-scratching  NWOBHM of nowadays. This is intended to get encapsulated for the story.

Published: November 18. 2022

Moby Dick - Keresztes vitéz (Crusader)

A track of Moby Dick's Ugass kutya!. The  LP entitled Bark on Dog!  is of the legendary Hungarian first ever speed/thrashower band at the time of changes '89-'91. The clip support the re-issue of the original tracks celebrating the band's long decades on stage.

Published: November 18, 2022

Metal Factory - Voice from Within

A track of Metal Factory power metal band taken from their debut album Defeat All (2022).

Published: June 30, 2022

Neverland - Forr a vér

This track of Neverland travels back in time.  The song originally written ~20 years ago is about a vivid daydreaming of being committed to HM. The dream finally came true on stage.

Published: March 07, 2022

Neverland - Halállovas

A track of Neverland with more than a touch of NWOBHM, a revival of their good old Metalrain song of Deathrider.

We meet him only for a moment. This fearful, but heroic moment is visualized.

Published: Nov 03, 2021

Neverland - Mégis vágyunk rá
(Yet, We're Longing for That)

A track of Neverland about longing for feedback, positives ones, indeed. Either true or false... Besides, we all are longing for the treasure, whatever it is... who to judge? We are human, anyway.

Published: Nov 03, 2021

Neverland - Mindig itt leszek
(I'll Aways Be There)

A song of Neverland about relationship with the beloved one, either your child, your parent or your mate...

Published: Nov 03, 2021

Neverland - Nézz körül (Look around)

A video for a song of Neverland about human badly changing the world around.

See also artwork.

Published: Sep 26, 2021

Dance - Válassz! (Choose!)

A video for a song of Dance about times changing, when world is turning also by social changes and new music spread around. A that-time local standard bearer band of dirty rock.  Clip for a CD re-issue of the ol' vynil by label.

Artwork utilizes the chracaters of the original album front by Leo.

Published: Sep 26, 2021

Remorse - Monoton

A video for a song of Remorse about monotonous feeling, when you're slave to the grind. One can see  you differently than you really are, even you're true to your values. Music, anyhow, elevates you.
A band, one of the first of thrashers, when the genre was born. Scratching the stages over decades!

Published: March 14, 2021

Mytra - Exogen

A video for a song of Mytra about a possible of creation and development of Life of Earth.
The band enabled freedom of creation, finally in line with their concept.

Your thoughts are up to you! Enjoy the first class, however still underground melodic death/prog.metal tunes.

Published: May 21, 2021

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